Wednesday, March 21, 2018

First Day of Spring - Snow

Can't imagine why she set us outside so early in the year.
Yes, what was she thinking? 
I don't know what they are complaining about. I am out here all year long. Woof. 
Obviously we had a bit of snow yesterday and last night. Luckily it will be gone by this afternoon.
No surprises here regarding the snow but yesterday morning we did have a surprise.
I know it is a terrible photo but it was so dark outside and the fox was hunting therefore not being still one second. A first for our garden on the first day of spring.
Did you have any firsts on the first day of spring?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - March 2018

This March I don't have as many blooms to show as usual. What is usual are the blooms I do have. The early blooms of spring. I picked a bowl of hellebore blooms when we had company coming over. Our company was not able to get out into the garden so I wanted  to show them the flowers. When I was picking them I found one windflower (Anemone Blanda) abloom. It is the only one we have had as yet. This colder than normal March is keeping the flowers at bay.
The sun did come out yesterday and make some of the daffodils and crocus open. 
The hyacinths that have been in the garden the longest have opened. The rest are sitting there just peeking out of the ground waiting for warmer weather. 
This is my most prolific crocus. A good thing I like it so well. It is pretty sitting there open to the sun. 
Like the flowers I seem to be awaiting the warmer weather to do much in the garden. As my Dearly Beloved has told me time and again...It is only March. Yet I feel this urgency to get out and do something what with the birds beginning to sing.
For more blooms pop over to Carol's May Dreams Garden. You will find blooms from all over the world. 
Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! What is blooming in your garden?